Automatic windows and doors – comfort in all conditions


Installing automatic doors is most often used in areas with high traffic. They are therefore found in shops, markets or other types of public buildings – hotels, offices, clinics or hospitals. They make life much easier for people carrying heavy shopping or luggage or using crutches or wheelchairs. Another undoubted advantage of automatic doors is that they have no handles, so they do not contribute to spreading bacteria and viruses. This is why they are popular in hospitals and clinics.

Automatic doors Szczecin – how to choose them?

The most popular are automatic doors made of aluminium or steel profiles, which makes them highly durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions. Sensors located on both sides, control them. Automatic doors can therefore be used as entrance doors and are ideal for interior use.

Entrance doors and security issues

It should also be noted that automatic doors can be easily connected to electronic control systems or various alarm systems. This option will undoubtedly appeal to commercial building owners who are not only concerned with functionality but also with security.

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