Panel doors – made for the most demanding users


Panel front doors are becoming increasingly popular, whether in single-family homes, flats or public facilities. We appreciate not only their modern design but also their functionality. Thanks to modern technical solutions and excellent design, aluminium panel doors have served us for many years and are superb showpieces and decorations for any home.


Aluminium panel doors are premium products, so they appeal to the tastes of the most demanding customers. They are mainly used in modern energy-efficient buildings, passive construction and wherever good insulation properties are essential.


As aluminium is lighter and more rigid than wood, this door type is easily transported and resistant to mechanical damage. Aluminium panel doors, such as in sub-zero temperatures and sunlight., are also resistant to weathering They also require no extra maintenance, just a wipe down with a cloth occasionally and oiling of hinges and locks.


Another advantage of panel doors is that they can be freely customised, so they can easily blend in with the façade of a building or the interior of a house. As the name suggests, aluminium panel doors have an aluminium surface to mount flat or decorative panels. If, after a while, you get tired of this visual effect, the panels can be easily replaced without having to change the whole structure.

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