Steel doors – a product that will last for years


Although steel front doors are rarely used in residential buildings, installing them in your home is still worth considering, for they have many advantages. They are characterised by high resistance to all types of damage and deformation. The steel door leaf is difficult to force or destroy; hence this type of door provides excellent protection against burglary. You can also opt to purchase steel doors, equipped with additional locks with multi-point locking, to ensure your security. Unlike wooden doors, they are virtually maintenance-free. All you need to do is oil the hinges and the lock to enjoy pleasant use.

By using suitable materials, steel doors effectively protect against heat loss. When choosing them, you don’t have to worry about freezing when the temperature outside the window drops. A steel door inside your house, therefore, guarantees thermal comfort and allows us to reduce your heating bills.

Steel doors also have the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing. As they are usually made of galvanised steel with a powder coating, they are corrosion-resistant. The surface of steel front doors can be varnished, or covered with a woodgrain panel or decorative foil. The wide range of models and the reasonably wide choice of colours allow us to match the door perfectly not only to the façade but also to the interior of your house. Steel doors are also cheaper than wooden doors, which is undoubtedly an incentive to buy them.


In order to obtain a quote for Wikęd steel doors, please use the following configurator:

Steel door configurator

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