Mullion-transom facades – bringing a unique atmosphere to any interior

Mullion-transom facades are one of the best-known and increasingly used types of glass facades. Their undoubted advantage is that they adequately illuminate building interiors, creating a unique atmosphere. This type of solution allows the realisation of architecturally complex designs, which are becoming increasingly common in our environment.

Mullion-transom facades Szczecin – modern solution

It is no surprise that mullion-transom façades are becoming increasingly common in public buildings such as office blocks, hotels, banks and sports halls, and energy-efficient and passive multi-family housing. Using such a solution enhances the style of the building and underlines the openness and hospitality of its owners.

Mullion-transom facades – original design

Fixing brackets for mullion-transom façades are most often made from aluminium profiles, making them robust and resistant to harmful weather conditions. The system also has the advantage of meeting all energy-saving standards and having excellent thermal insulation properties. With mullion-transom façades, the interior has a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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