Installation of window and door joinery and servicing of investments

Finding a modern door or window fitter is quite a challenge, but the whole process of replacing windows or doors does not end there. Even more important is proper installation, which determines whether the joinery will fulfil its function. That’s why it pays to entrust the installation and maintenance of your investment to the experts at Oknoprojekt, because only then can you be sure that everything will be done professionally. Properly installed windows, doors, or facades guarantee airtightness and safety in use. It is worth remembering that only correctly carried out installation work will ensure that your windows and doors will function smoothly for a long time.

of window and door joinery

There can be many reasons for replacing the joinery of windows and doors – from mechanical damage to material wear, aesthetics or the desire to reduce heating bills. However, this activity will need to be adequately prepared. It should be stressed that when deciding to replace joinery, it is essential to remember to choose products with suitable parameters. It is also necessary to protect the interior from damage and dirt. And most importantly, the entire joinery installation should align with the vision of the manufacturer, the installation team and the customer.

To meet this challenge, it is best to define our expectations at the outset and consult them with construction experts, as the variety of products and the diversity of solutions sometimes cause our plans to deviate from our expectations. During such consultations with the client, we outline in detail all the procedures involved in replacing joinery, help to select the product best suited to the client’s individual needs and try to dispel any doubts. This is because when replacing and installing joinery, we are concerned with selecting the suitable parameters for installing the window, door or shutter systems and using the best installation techniques.

Joinery installation in single-family houses, multi-family buildings and large-scale and industrial buildings

The drive for energy efficiency has forced manufacturers to develop ever higher quality products and use innovative installation techniques to ensure a warm and comfortable indoor climate.

For Oknoprojekt, which is constantly developing and looking for new solutions, observing the principles of so-called sealed installation is no secret. We use products with excellent thermal insulation, which reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. We are fully aware that a correctly chosen window development profile is highly functional and ideally suited to the building’s height and interior. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you the best solutions, tailored to each client’s individual needs.

We apply warm installation to all newly constructed buildings and those undergoing thermal modernisation. Its undeniable advantage is that it protects the building and walls from moisture and prevents mould growth. The warm installation method also visibly reduces energy costs, which is particularly important if you have a large house.

The installation techniques used by Oknoprojekt ensure comfort and safety. We install window and facade joinery in large-scale and industrial buildings such as halls or shopping malls. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Installation is carried out according to ITB or country-specific guidelines, using the RAL-Montage standard.

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