Wooden and aluminum windows – comfort and functionality


Until recently, we had to choose between wooden and aluminum windows. Today we can use a great solution, which is the purchase of wooden and aluminum windows. It is not surprising, therefore, that such a solution is gaining more and more recognition, both among owners of houses and apartments, as well as commercial buildings. Wooden-aluminium windows are made of two independent frames – solid, wooden – from the inside and extremely durable, made of aluminum – from the outside.

Wooden and aluminum windows Szczecin – who should choose them?

The special cover made of aluminum used in wooden-aluminium windows makes the product resistant to harmful weather conditions, especially UV rays or heavy rain. This solution will certainly be chosen by people who want to buy windows that are easy to keep clean and do not require too frequent maintenance. Wooden and aluminum windows do not need to be painted and they do not get dirty as quickly as PVC windows.

Advantages of wooden-aluminium windows

The undoubted advantage of this product is the fact that it is extremely tight and has excellent sound insulation. It is therefore suitable for houses and flats that are located in quite noisy places – near a busy street or a playground. Wooden and aluminum windows will allow us to enjoy the silence, despite the noise outside, and are a sensible alternative to aluminum or steel windows.

Extremely durable construction of wooden and aluminum windows makes this product resistant to all kinds of deformations and chemical and mechanical damage. It is also worth noting that these modern windows are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, so when choosing such a solution, we do not have to worry that we will freeze when the outside temperature drops or a gusty wind starts blowing. Thanks to the proper installation of windows, we will also save on heating costs and the operation of windows.

Wooden-aluminium windows and interior design

One cannot forget about another advantage of wooden-aluminium windows, which is the richness of patterns and colors. Thanks to it, we can easily choose a product tailored to our individual needs, which will suit both modern and classic buildings, and even those decorated in a retro style.

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