Conceled external roller blinds – excellent acoustic and thermal protection for any building.

External roller blinds enjoy steadfast popularity. You can enjoy their benefits not only in the summer but all year round. The recessed roller blinds and the way they are installed make them very stylish and give any building a modern look. This solution is ideal for both new houses and houses with a long history.

Flush-mounted blinds – assembly Szczecin

Recessed roller blinds can be installed in two ways. The first option involves installing recessed roller blinds directly on the wall of the house. Of course, this is done with a suitable thickness of insulation. The second method involves fitting an external roller blind directly into a recess in the frame, which must be prepared in advance. It should be stressed that this type of work must be planned before the building is insulated. This way, it is possible to easily install the box overlapping with its front part on the facade so that the frame is protected from severe frost and no traces of the roller blind installation remain. This installation makes it easier to access the box in case of maintenance or failure.

External flush-mounted roller shutters – advantages

The advantage of external concealed roller blinds is that their installation does not interfere with the window’s structure or the lintel, so you won’t have to worry about the loss of thermal insulation in the building. Concealed roller blinds, therefore, make it possible to reduce electricity by up to 30% all year round. All this is due to the design of concealed roller blinds, namely the air cushion between the window and the roller blind, which is an excellent insulator. Exterior roller blinds also provide excellent protection against snow, frost or wind, creating a kind of insulating shield. In summer, on the other hand, they effectively protect the interior from the sun’s rays, keeping the building pleasantly cool.

Purchase of Szczecin external roller shutters – the perfect solution

Choosing external concealed roller blinds will be ideal if you are looking for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution. They are usually constructed from aluminium components that are lightweight, durable, and look good. They also provide adequate protection against uninvited guests.

The advantage of recessed roller blinds, is also that they effectively protect the room from outside noise. They are, therefore, worth considering if you live or work on a main street or if your windows face a playground. This way, your home will be blissfully quiet, and you can relax after a hard day’s work.

External flush-mounted roller shutters – manual or automatic control?

It is also worth noting that by installing external concealed roller blinds, you can adapt how they are used to your individual needs. Traditional manual control involves the retraction of a string or tape. If you opt for wired control, then raising and lowering recessed roller blinds is carried out using a wall-mounted switch. Another option, which is sure to appeal to many, is radio control by remote control, programming device or special sensors.

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