Sectional garage doors – the ideal solution for your home

Sectional garage doors, also known as up-and-over garage doors, are a product of growing interest, both among private users and companies. Their undoubted advantage is that they can be installed in many locations, even when the driveway is very short. Hence, sectional garage doors are very popular with owners of properties that face directly onto the street. Indeed, their clear benefit is that you only need a little space to open them.

What should you consider when buying a garage door?

By buying a sectional garage door you can be sure that this product will meet all our expectations. It is worth noting that this type of door has good thermal insulation, which is extremely important if our garage is heated. Therefore, a sectional garage door will effectively protect our car from frost and avoid unpleasant window scratching.

If your garage is low but quite wide, installing a sided sectional door is ideal. This makes it easy to get a motorbike or bicycle out without having to open the whole gate.

Thanks to our wide range of models and colours, you will surely find a product adapted to your individual needs, perfectly matching the architecture of your property. It is also worth noting that sectional garage doors are made of galvanised steel, making them durable and resistant to rain, frost or sun. However, if you like products made of wood, you do not have to give up buying a sectional door, because you can choose a version covered with wood veneer.


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