Aluminium windows – ideal for modern interiors and larger spaces


Familiarize yourself with the offer for solid and energy-saving ALUMINUM WINDOWS:


Schüco aluminum windows ensure maximum thermal insulation and meet the highest architectural requirements in terms of design and technical solutions. In our offer you will find a number of non-standard possibilities and unusual solutions.


We offer an innovative aluminum profile that guarantees maximum access to light and diversity in use. The Okno-Projekt company has many years of experience in designing, which allows for the implementation of complex structures of aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows Szczecin

Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. They are increasingly used in private homes or flats and public buildings. This is unsurprising, as they differ significantly from the wooden windows or PCV commonly used in interior design. Their main advantage is, above all, their lightness, which makes them much easier to assemble and transport. Aluminium windows are also highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage or scratches.

Advantages of aluminum windows

This is because aluminium windows are corrosion-resistant and have excellent thermal insulation properties, no worse than PVC windows and timber frames. Aluminium window profiles are often fitted with thermal breaks of up to 60 mm or more, which provide excellent protection against heat loss in the environment. Warm aluminium profiles are often used in residential construction. Argon fills the space between the panes, and warm spacers separate the panes. If you decide to buy such a product, you can be sure that it will provide the necessary thermal comfort regardless of the external weather conditions. The application of modern technology allows us to enjoy the warmth without spending a fortune on heating bills.

Durability of aluminum windows

Windows made of aluminium are resistant to damage or corrosion and to weather conditions such as winds, snow, heavy rain and even hail. It doesn’t deform, so it stays the same size even with large temperature fluctuations. Aluminium joinery does not grow fungus or mould and is also moisture-resistant. It also causes no problems during use. Simply wipe them down occasionally with water and a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine, vinegar or alkaline acids. The metal parts are almost 100% recyclable, making them very environmentally friendly.

Aluminium windows will appeal to anyone looking to create a modern interior. Their frames are very stable, allowing for larger windows, which is more difficult with PVC windows. They are, therefore, the best material for planting large and heavy glazing. You can choose from both glossy and matt windows, as well as different internal and external finishes. With a wide range of designs and colours, you can easily match them to any room. It should be stressed that aluminium is a highly malleable material, so it can be used to make windows of any shape, including more elaborate ones. Another great advantage of aluminium joinery is the possibility of manufacturing corner windows. This allows a great visual impact to be achieved while retaining other advantages.

However, due to their relatively high price, compared to PVC windows or wood joinery, aluminium windows are most often used in tertiary and commercial architecture, less often in residential construction.

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