Screen roller blinds – innovative and practical window coverings

When considering the choice of covers to protect your flat or house from the weather, it is worth considering the purchase of a modern Screen-type external roller blind. Their advantage is that they can be installed not only on glazed windows but also on terraces, balconies or gazebos. So indeed, Screen blinds, commonly called Screens, will be appreciated by all those who like to relax in a pleasant chill. These products reduce air conditioning costs and allow you to enjoy greater thermal comfort when staying indoors or on a terrace or veranda.

A wide range of Szczecin screen roller blinds

It is also worth noting that when deciding to install screen blinds, you can choose from materials with different structures, varying in weave density. In this way, you can determine how much light you want to let in. It is also possible to influence the quality of visibility from the outside. If you are looking for a solution that protects your home or balcony from the sun or wind, dirt and intrusive insects, purchasing Screen blinds will certainly meet your expectations. It is also worth noting that using Screens allows you to enjoy your privacy without losing the stunning views outside your windows.

Screeny Szczecin – resistant blinds

The advantage of Screens is also their durability and resistance to harmful weather conditions. This is because they are made from high-quality fabrics that contain glass fibre coated with a synthetic PVC polymer. Thanks to the ZIP system, i.e. the durable guides integrated into the material, you don’t have to worry that the Screen roller blinds will be damaged during significant wind gusts, heavy rain or hail. In winter, they allow a considerable reduction in heat loss, which is why this solution is increasingly used in passive house construction to minimise energy consumption.

Screens – assembly and maintenance Szczecin

Screen roller blinds will surely appeal to anyone looking to buy a functional, low-maintenance product. This is because they are effortless to clean. Just use a brush and clean water or mild detergents. You can do all the work yourself. Thanks to the electric drive, there shouldn’t be any problems with using roller blinds either. You can choose to control it with a remote control or a switch. The wide range of models and colours allows the Screen to adapt perfectly to the building facade and each user’s preferences.

Screen blinds  – not only for windows

The advantage of screen blinds is that they can be installed in many ways – by mounting directly to the building wall, the window frame, or the facade structure. It allows you to create an arrangement that matches both the facade of the building and your interior. The aesthetically pleasing boxes concealed by the control mechanism make screens a modern decorative element.

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