Patio doors – ideally linking the interior with its surroundings


Patio doors are becoming more and more popular every year. They are perfect for modern, classic or even rustic interiors. High-quality patio doors will perfectly fill the space of your house with natural light, which, as you may know, has a massive impact on your well-being. You can also enjoy beautiful views or admire stunning sunsets. Large patio doors will optically enlarge the living room or bedroom, making your garden “within reach”.

Buying patio doors in Szczecin – what to pay attention to?

When deciding on purchasing patio doors, you can choose from several solutions that differ primarily in how they open. The most classic solution, often used in multi-family housing, is the single- or double-leaf door. Their standard variation is practically the same as for windows, except, of course, for the size. Double-leaf patio doors can be made of wood, aluminium or PVC. The advantage of this type of door is its resistance to wind and water. They are also completely breathable. However, a relatively big drawback of single or double-leaf windows is that they take up a lot of space inside the room. A less typical solution is double-leaf doors that open outwards and do not take up as much space in the bedroom or living room. They are perfect when you want to open up the space of your house to the outside.


Sliding patio doors Szczecin

Sliding patio doors make it possible to create large-scale glazing while ensuring ease of use. If you prefer smaller glazing to maintain privacy, PSK doors are perfect for your interiors.


The wide range of models and rich colour variants will make it easy to tailor patio doors to your individual needs, creating a modern yet elegant interior.

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