Burglar-proof windows and doors – functionality and security


Burglar windows are becoming increasingly popular every year, which is not surprising, as many burglaries into houses or flats occur not through doors, but through windows. The undoubted advantage of this product is that it improves the safety of people and property. It is, therefore, worth considering the purchase of burglar-proof windows, especially if you live on the ground floor or are often away from home.

This type of product has anti-burglary glass, which is very difficult to break and, when broken, does not fall out of the window frame. This is because they are fixed mechanically or with a unique, strong adhesive. It is also worth pointing out that anti-burglar windows are characterised by high acoustic insulation. This product has lockable handles and mushroom-shaped locking pins. This makes it impossible to open the outside window and break or tamper with it.

Buying anti-burglary windows in Szczecin – how to choose?

When buying burglar-proof windows, it is, therefore, worth paying attention to the resistance class, which is the main protective parameter of the windows. By choosing the lowest burglary resistance class, you can be sure that your window will not be broken or damaged by kicking. Conversely, the highest class protects against all sorts of activities, including crowbars and other heavy tools.

Installation of anti-burglar windows Szczecin

It is also worth remembering that burglar-proof windows must be installed correctly to perform their full function. It is, therefore, worth having this done by professionals because if you do it incorrectly, you may have problems with a manufacturer’s claim or recovering money from the insurance company.

Safe apartment Szczecin – is it worth buying anti-burglary doors?

For peace of mind, it is also worth considering the purchase of burglar-proof doors. In addition to their obvious function, they also have many advantages. The burglar-proof door is characterised by its high insulation performance, accumulating heat in the room. They also provide excellent protection from the prevailing noise outside. This is why they are worth installing if you live next to a busy road.

It is also worth emphasising that burglar-proof doors are a durable product that is resistant to harmful atmospheric factors, strong breezes and sunlight.

Anti-burglary doors – what characterizes them?

To fulfil their function perfectly, burglar-proof doors must be fitted with suitable hinges. They are also fitted with special bolts or hooks that prevent the sash from being removed from the frame. The greater the number of bolts, the greater the security and protection against burglary. Thanks to the wide range of designs and colours, you can easily select an anti-intruder front door tailored to your individual needs, which will perfectly match the façade and interior of any building.

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