Special windows

Dutch windows (NL)

Windows for special tasks – safe and extremely functional.

If we care about bright and large spaces, it is worth considering the purchase of Dutch windows. They have quite large sizes, thanks to which a lot of light and sun will easily reach the interior of our house. A characteristic element of Dutch windows is the angular profile, perfectly imitating classic wooden windows.

Dutch windows  – what distinguishes them?

What distinguishes Dutch windows from many others on the market is, of course, the way they open. This type of product opens to the outside, which allows us to save a lot of space in the room. We can also opt for a vertically and horizontally rotated Dutch window. Thanks to this option, we can clean them from the outside without leaving the room.

Energy-saving Dutch windows Szczecin

Dutch windows NL windows are very large, but their advantage is high energy efficiency. Therefore, they do not generate large heat losses and create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the room. They are also resistant to harmful weather conditions, in particular gusty wind, which presses the window, preventing cold air or various types of dirt from getting inside. An undoubted advantage of Dutch windows is also their rich colors. So if we are looking for a product that will revive our gray facade, this solution will be a hit.

Scandinavian windows (Nordic)

Scandinavian Nordic windows, like Dutch ones, are gaining more and more popularity in our country. They are an extremely functional solution, and at the same time aesthetic. Scandinavian windows made of wood open outwards, not inwards, as we are used to.

Scandinavian windows and severe weather conditions

This type of construction protects against wind and cold, because during strong gusts the window is pressed against the frame, thus ensuring tightness. Therefore, it is not surprising that the owners of passive and energy-saving houses decide to buy Scandinavian windows. This type of solution is perfect for buildings located in the open – in the mountains or on the coast, where the wind often blows. They are increasingly used by owners of apartments located on the upper floors. Thanks to the fact that they can be easily turned over, their cleaning of Scandinavian windows is not troublesome. They are an easy-to-maintain and trouble-free product. Scandinavian windows of the Swedish type are also produced in the wooden-aluminium window system.

English Guillotine Windows (Sach)

There are many types of outward opening windows in European markets. Among them, apart from Dutch and Scandinavian windows, there are also English windows. External sashes of this type of windows give us much more space in the room. So they are perfect for small apartments or houses with modular construction. The English profile is used e.g. in the construction of simple PVC windows. Such a solution will surely appeal to all people who love flowers. They will be able to place them on the windowsills without any problems. English windows also allow the installation of all kinds of blinds and blinds. They are characterized by an attractive design, and a wide range of patterns and colors makes it easy to match them to any type of facade. English windows that open outwards can be both tilted and fully opened through their smooth adjustment of the degree of opening. Thanks to the fact that they are made of the highest quality components, they are characterized by extraordinary durability and resistance to mechanical damage and harmful weather conditions, in particular wind and sunlight.

English guillotine windows Szczecin

English sash windows, called guillotine windows, are becoming more and more popular in our country. This type of solution is extremely functional and in many respects exceeds traditional windows. Guillotine windows are primarily suitable for small rooms, because they do not take up much space. Therefore, they are most often installed in bathrooms, toilets or on stair landings. The advantage of guillotine windows is extremely easy operation, and the possibility of leaving them in any position makes it possible to ventilate any room without any obstacles.

Guillotine windows – the perfect solution for small spaces

Guillotine windows are also perfect in the kitchen – mounted above the countertop or sink. This solution will not cause any problems when opening the window and will eliminate the humidity in the room. It is also worth emphasizing that guillotine windows are extremely safe, because thanks to a modern mechanism, they will not open by themselves during violent gusts of wind. They also won’t move from top to bottom on their own, so we don’t have to worry about an accident. To have a guarantee of safety, it is worth investing in professional installation of guillotine windows, performed by a specialist.

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