Façade blinds – excellent protection from the sun and neighbours’ eyes.

Facade blinds are a perfect match for modern building trends. They are installed in single-family homes or housing estates, as well as in public buildings. Thanks to the fact that facade blinds are quite lightweight, and their construction is straightforward. They can also be installed in buildings with extensive glazing.


An essential element of facade blinds is the horizontal aluminium slats, connected by cables and placed inside the guide frame. A version without guides is also available. The slats come in different sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that suits your taste. Different types of facade blinds are available on the market, differing not only in colour and shape but also in material. Aluminium blinds are the most popular, but you can also opt for wood facade blinds, which come in accordion, fixed or sliding models. It is also worth noting that, thanks to the coating of the lamellas with high-quality varnish, facade blinds are resistant to weather conditions and all kinds of mechanical damage.


Facade blinds – perfect for the summer

The main advantage of these stylish window coverings is that they can block up to 80% of light, providing excellent protection from the sun’s rays and a pleasantly cool feeling. Their effect is particularly appreciated in the summer heat. Facade blinds are, therefore, an excellent alternative to air conditioning. They provide pleasant warmth on cold evenings and allow you to relax in ideal conditions when the outside temperature rises considerably. The air cushion created between the window and the blinds reduces energy losses, thus lowering the heating costs of your home or public building.

Facade blinds and roller blinds

It is also worth noting that, unlike roller blinds, by installing facade blinds, you can adjust the light input and intensity by turning the slats up to 180°. This allows you to adapt the level of indoor shading to your individual needs. Facade blinds give you more privacy, as they provide perfect protection from the prying eyes of your neighbours. At the same time, you do not have to cover the windows completely.

Automatic facade blinds – assembly Szczecin

If you want comfort, you can choose to install facade blinds, allowing all functions to be carried out by remote control. There are also models equipped with weather sensors that can be hooked up to a smart home management system and operated via smartphone.

Facade blinds – installation of anti-burglary window blinds Szczecin

As with external roller blinds, facade blinds can also be fitted with a special bolt to protect against uninvited guests. Such burglar-proof blinds are becoming increasingly popular in large cities and buildings on the outskirts. It is also worth noting that if they are completely covered, you can create an acoustic barrier that effectively protects you from outside noise.

So if you are looking for a solution that will perfectly shade your rooms while also having other functions, you will undoubtedly welcome the purchase of facade blinds.


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