Patio window – a modern construction phenomenon

Today, patio windows are becoming increasingly popular. There is a reason why this type of window is chosen for newly built houses. This is because they add lightness to the whole building, making the interior more modern and visually expanded. Patio windows allow us to enjoy beautiful views and give us plenty of light, especially when it gets grey and gloomy outside. They also provide a convenient exit from the living room or bedroom to the terrace.

Terrace windows – size of windows and selection of raw material

Large and heavy patio windows usually use aluminium or wood profiles, which ensure the strength of the whole structure and also look stylish and impressive. They can also be made of PVC but may have special reinforcements or horizontal and vertical divisions that can increase the surface area of the patio window.

Szczecin terrace windows – popular solutions

The most popular patio windows, specially chosen in multi-family housing, are tilt-and-turn balcony windows. Apart from their size, they are no different from normal windows – they have the exact mechanisms, fittings, hinges or handles. Nor do they have a particular threshold. If you decide to install tilt-and-turn windows, you must remember to leave room for them to open. Hence, this window type is not used with fairly wide sashes, as it would be pretty inconvenient to use. Unquestionably the advantage of these windows is the relatively low price. So if you don’t mind crossing a not-so-convenient threshold, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the purchase of tilt-and-turn windows.

Terrace windows and comfort of use

However, if you value comfort, have young children or want to install terrace windows in a room where an elderly person lives, HS lift-and-slide windows are perfect. They have a low threshold of only 20 mm, so a pram, a bicycle or an elderly person can pass over it without any problems. HS windows can be fitted with a wide range of glazing options. This makes them ideal for modern detached houses. They are very comfortable to use and do not require a lot of free space inside. Also noteworthy is the fact that HS lift-and-slide windows can be used for building corners, thus creating a magnificent and original arrangement.

A very frequently chosen type of terrace window is PSK tilt-and-slide windows, which are a more affordable version of sliding terrace windows. Their advantage is that they only take up a little space when opened. This solution allows the space around the window to be used freely, to place furniture, or simply to hang curtains and drapes without worrying about the space needed to open it. Owners of houses or flats most often choose PSK terrace windows with large areas. The best tilt-and-slide patio window models have an additional adjustment mechanism on the window handle, which makes it easier to open and close even the heaviest sashes. However, PSK windows do not have a low threshold like HS windows and cannot be as large.

An exciting solution is the installation of folding-sliding terrace windows, so-called FS folding windows. They allow the interior to be completely opened up, thus connecting it to the terrace or garden.

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